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The ChangGungUniversity library was established in 1987. In October 1996, the new library building opened for use. This 11,000 square-meter facility houses an audiovisual center, book and periodical stacks, an online search room, group study rooms, and study areas.

The library serves the programs of study and research of the University's teachers and students with its strong collections of literature on medical science, engineering, management, and the sciences and humanities. The library continues to develop the existing collection, to establish specialized collections in specific areas, and to expand access to external resources through inter-library cooperation and online links. Ultimately, we hope to develop a virtual library providing readers and students with services not restricted by distance.

Among its many services, the library places particular emphasis on teaching students how to use library resources to retrieve information. To accomplish this, the library staff offers formal credited courses, one- to four-week workshops accompanying regular courses, training in database search techniques, and tours for newly-admitted students. These training services are designed to help students become independent life-long learners.

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Library and AV Center

Monday ~ Tuesday、
Thursday Saturday Sunday
Semester 8:00 ~ 22:50 8:00 ~ 22:50 10:00 ~ 19:50 10:00 ~ 19:50
Winter Vacation 9:00 ~ 16:50 9:00 ~ 19:50 close close
Summer Vacation 9:00 ~ 16:50 9:00 ~ 19:50 10:00 ~ 17:50 close


B1 Study Room opens 6:00-24:00

Loan Periods and Limits

Staff, Research Assistants
Books loan period
30 days
30 days
30 days
3 weeks
Reserves loan period
2 days
2 days
2 days
2 days
Mutimedia loan period
In Library use only
In Library use only
Journals load period
1 day (up to 3 items)
In Library use only
In Library use only
In Library use only
Maximun items can be borrowed
up to 20 items
up to 20 items
up to 20 items
up to 10 items

Overdue Fines

Books, Journals (Daily Loans)
Reserves (Hourly Loans)

  • Your Chang Gung Unviersity Student of Staff ID is your library card.
  • You must present a valid CGU ID when borrowing materials.
  • Borrower accounts are non-transferable.
  • Borrowed items are due before closing time on the date due.
  • Borrowers agree to comply with all Library regulations, including keeping track of due dates and ensuring Library has the most up-to-date patron contact information.

Contact Us

Offices Email [] Telephone
Director dbox 5620
Technical Services fenny 5429
Monograph Acqusition/Cataloging Section, Chinese libacq 3600, 5278
Monograph Acqusition/Cataloging Section, Foreign Languages liborder 5242
Public Services tenyi 5621
Circulation Sevices Section cgucirc 5240
Reference Services Section libwww 5622
AV Center libmedia 5270
Inter Library Loan libill 5279
259 Wen-Hwa 1st Road, Kwei-Shan, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan,333, R.O.C. TEL:(03)211-8800 ext.5240 (Circulation)、5622 (References)、5270 (AV Center)    [Email]